Is My Hair Falling Out?

Is My Hair Falling Out?

I realized something yesterday—I think my hair is the longest it’s ever been. It currently stops about two inches below my bra line in the back. It’s fun having longer hair… I’ve always been a shorter-haired, chin/shoulder-length kind of girl. But you know what I’m noticing? It seems like my hair is falling out! 

Here’s what I do to my hair on a usual basis. I wash & condition (a couple times a week) with Joico or Yes To products. After the shower, I loosely wrap my hair in a towel for about 10 minutes to absorb moisture, and then I just let it down and let it air dry—without brushing or combing it (my hair dries rather straight and tangle-free). I don’t use many products (the occasional beach spray), and I occasionally use hair spray. I don’t usually tease it and I never use heat styling tools. On the days when I wake up with 2nd day hair, I put in a little dry shampoo and put it up into a pony/bun/braid—nothing too special.

So… basically—wash, shampoo, air dry (no brushing or combing), and the occasional dry shampoo when it’s dirty. That’s all. It’s a really easy routine, but am I missing something? All day, I find stray hairs on my back, on my clothes, around my office, and if I even touch the bottom of my hair, it seems like strands come right out. I claim to be the hair expert, but then why does it seem like my hair is falling out? Am I the only one in this hair battle?

Now, I’ve spoken to a friend about this, and she suggested that since I don’t usually brush it, that the hair falling out is what most people probably catch in their brush in the morning. Also, I’ve heard that when your hair is longer, more does seem like it’s falling out. Long-haired ladies, is this true? It honestly makes me want my short hair back (and we all know that Daniel wouldn’t complain if I cut it, because he encourages me to do it daily… see this post for proof)! Anyway, does anyone have any advice? Maybe I’m just being paranoid… but any input is appreciated!


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